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Currently the renders of High School DxD exist only thanks to the people who support me in Patreon, if you are interested in more renders of this Anime, you can support me in Patreon.
July 18, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

July 18, 2018 MG Anime Renders

What is your contact email?

Do I need to ask permission to use your renders?
All of my renders are free to use, you do not need to ask me permission to use them.

Do the renders do it yourself, or do you collect the renders of other people and publish them here?
I do them myself, absolutely all renders of this page I did them.

With that tool you cut pictures?.
With the pen tool of Photoshop.

Where did you get the images that you cut ?.

I have an image that I would like to request as render, I can request it ?, and where can I?
but I only accept requests from people who support me in patreon, if you are interested, this is my patreon account

If you can not support me in patreon, you also have two other options
  1. You can leave the link of your image on the page "Suggest render", from time to time I use images that leave me there, as long as these seem good to me.
  2. In case you are a designer, I can make renders for you in exchange for designs, if you are interested in this option, you can communicate with me through twitter or facebook.

Why do some renders have a different logo?. Did those renders make them different people?
No, all those renders I made myself, the reason they have different logos is because over time I have been changing logo.

Is there a difference between those renders other than the logo?
Well yes, since over time I have been improving my ability to make renders, in fact the renders with the blue logo are amplely better than the previous ones.

Only you make ecchi and hentai renders?
Yes, since they are the type of renders that I can do more, but not because of this I neglect the quality, despite being a website only of ecchi and hentai, the quality of renders is always my main priority and not the quantity Of renders, if I can not get the quality I want in a render I prefer not to upload it

What criteria do you use to classify renders as Hentai?
They only classify as hentai the renders in which the female nipples are visible (example), or the female or male genitals are visible (example), if these are not visible, they will not classify as hentai, regardless of whether the character is completely naked (example). 

How many people work on this website?
Just one person, that's me.
Do you accept more members in your site?
At the moment no, since my website has always been personal. But if I can cede a subdomain within the page, such as